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Horizontal Cracking Stem wall

Horizontal cracking of stem wall is caused by oxidation of the re-inforcement steel in the foundation wall. Repairing this type of horizontal crack is repair by licensed, bonded, and insured foundation repair experts at Concrete Repairman LLC in, near, and around Arizona. Call 602-418-2970

During the natural aging process, wall surfaces crack and especially when pressure is applied to such cracks. The primary reasons for vertical and horizontal cracks are due to oil leaks from automotive fluid mixtures, leakage from leaking pipes, moisture from the soil, etc. Due to their high elastic properties, horizontal and vertical cracks can result in instability and shifting in AZ. More about Stem Wall Repair.

Due to their size, vertical and horizontal cracks can be difficult to repair, because they do not form a straight line. They can get displaced in the future and hence they are difficult to achieve complete fixation of the damaged area. You should learn to recognize the different symptoms of these two types of cracks for Arizona homeowners.

Sometimes, the crack might appear as a horizontal crack. This happens due to the nature of pressure which presses on the crack. A horizontal crack may not have any lateral pressure. The crack in the vertical direction is more common and can last for several years. If you look at the effect of horizontal cracks over time, you see that they get worse, while vertical cracks might still be visible. More about Foundation Repair.

The change in size of horizontal cracks and the change in appearance of these cracks will also show as a gradual change. You will know that it is not due to any kind of sudden change by looking at the affected area. Stained concrete from the wall is always darker due to its exposure to acidity.

While inspecting a particular situation, you must not stick to a hasty evaluation. To fix the crack, you should check that the tensioning is properly done. Oil-bearing oils tend to get hardened when they are subjected to too much tension. More about Foundation Inspector.

If you see that the cracked area is made up of a combination of different elements (i.e. drywall with plaster, pea gravel), then the presence of oil sealers will be evident.

Most importantly, if you see a crack or seam that is opened, then it is best that you fix it immediately. This might be very costly, as most repairs have an immediate effect.

When it comes to replacing the damaged part of the wall, you must remember that the cracked area will be exposed again. If there is no gap left between the cracked portion and the newly installed wall, then a new part will be required, to provide an illusion of a crack.