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Considering stem wall repair for your home? Here’s some helpful information for you: Non-ferrous composite GFRP Bar, Sika Solvent-base, Concrete Repairman warranty, and more. Get an idea of the cost, and make your decision after reading this article. James Belville is one of the best foundation repair experts in near Scottsdale Arizona, and he knows concrete repair well. Contact Concrete Repairman for a free quote today.

Non-ferrous composite GFRP Bar

In a recent project, a homeowner in Scottsdale, AZ had her stem wall replaced with the non-ferrous-composite system. The stem wall was starting to flake and crack, and the homeowners wanted to fix it before it spread even further. Instead of replacing the rebar, the homeowners had the system installed by Concrete Repairman LLC. The composite material will ensure structural stability and won’t corrode or rust. And because the stem wall repair is warrantied, the homeowner has peace of mind that their investment is in good hands.

A stem wall that is cracked horizontally is a sign that a structural issue is developing. Cracks in stem walls occur as rebar begins to oxidize. Once the rebar corrodes, the concrete starts to spall and crack. In this case, the stem wall of a 2002 home in Scottsdale, Arizona was cracking, spalling, and flaking. CallSika Solvent-base

When you need stem wall repair, you can use Sika Solvent-base. This material is a rust inhibitor patch, which deters oxidation but does not address the root cause of rust. It must cure completely before applying paint or acrylic waterproofing to the surface. This process takes between seven and 21 days. Although most stem wall repair companies don’t waterproof their stem wall repairs, you may want to consider this option if your stem walls are in need of a waterproofing solution.

STEM wall repairs can be expensive, but they extend the life of the foundation. While you may want to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a stem wall repair, it will still be essential to repair your foundation. Proper stem wall repair will help to minimize any foundation problems and increase your home’s value. To get a quote for this work, contact a Scottsdale AZ waterproofing company.

Concrete Repairman LLC warranty

A stem wall warranty offers peace of mind and can protect your home for several years or even your entire lifetime. Many stem wall repair companies in Scottsdale do not offer warranties, or at best, a short one. In many cases, this is an unaffordable option. In such cases, we recommend that you opt for an Concrete Repairman warranty. For more information about warranties, call 602-418-2970

A stem wall foundation is a visible component of your house’s foundation. If it is damaged, it can cause cracks in the concrete near the base and spalling of the foundation. These damages can cost anywhere from $2000 to $20,000. To avoid these costly repairs, you should hire a professional contractor for stem wall repair Scottsdale AZ. A stem wall foundation connects your house’s walls to the base, and is made up of rebar and concrete.


The stem wall is the visible part of a house’s foundation, but it is also a vital structural component. Damaged stem walls can cause cracks in the concrete near the base of the house, a process called spalling. It can be costly to repair, ranging from two thousand to twenty thousand dollars. Taking the time to hire a professional to repair stem walls can help you avoid these costly repairs. The stem wall foundation is part of a slab foundation system, connecting a house’s base to the walls. It’s composed of concrete and rebar.

The stem wall foundation repair industry has long recognized and addressed the issue of horizontal cracks. The stem wall foundation repair industry suggests replacing oxidized rebar with new steel or two-part rust inhibitor epoxy-coated steel. Companies such as Concrete Repairman recommend replacing the rust-damaged rebar with new steel. The new steel is waterproofed, and the concrete can be repainted or re-sealed.

Finishing techniques

A proper finishing technique can ensure a strong, structurally sound stem wall. The new reinforcement steel is coated with rust inhibitor epoxy and lifted to a plumb vertical face. Finishing techniques should be applied carefully, allowing the new reinforcement steel to cure in minutes or hours. Once the reinforcement steel is dry, the final step is to apply a concrete patch. For the best results, stem wall repair Scottsdale AZ professionals will use GFRP Bar Composite supports, a composite brace.

To fix stem walls, contractors must remove damaged concrete and rusting rebar. These areas are commonly exposed to electrical current, allowing moisture to penetrate the interior reinforcement steel. Unless these areas are fixed, the deterioration will continue to spread. In addition, if the stem wall repair process is not completed properly, the interior reinforcement steel will be exposed to oxygen and moisture. These two factors cause oxidation of the reinforced steel.