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Moisture Remediation for Concrete Moisture Remediation Systems are highly specialized epoxy coating systems formulated to isolate moisture sensitive flooring from all levels of concrete moisture. This moisture remediation epoxy coating is used when concrete has a known moisture problem, when concrete dries too slowly to meet the construction schedule, and as a preventative measure when concrete doesn’t have a vapor retarder or vapor barrier in place and future moisture conditions cannot be predicted.

Concrete Repairman’s moisture remediation systems have proven successful in a wide range of application scenarios over millions of square feet. Concrete Repairman’s remediation for concrete can be used when concrete has a known moisture problem. Excessive concrete moisture is the No. 1 cause of flooring failures, to wood laminate, engineered wood flooring, tile and more, contributing to billions of dollars of loss annually.

Most failures can be prevented with a properly designed concrete vapor barrier. Unlike competitive concrete moisture remediation systems, our system can be used on all levels of concrete moisture vapor and out gassing.  Our System uses a single coat application, a 100% solids epoxy. This system is applied when the concrete hasn’t been contaminated with reactive silicate curing compounds or densifiers. We uses a water?based epoxy as a primer that gives deeper penetration and better adhesion when applied to silicate contaminated concrete. The primer is finish coated which greatly reduces the possibility of concrete out gassing.

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James Belville

Owner of Concrete Repairman LLC, James is a 3rd. generation master concrete finisher with extensive  experience including; concrete repair, commercial and residential concrete installs, polished concrete, acrylic coatings, and epoxies including quartz and trowel down epoxy coatings, Urethane mortars, concrete polishing, and foundation inspections.

James is teaching high school and college students how to finish concrete with confidence through several distributors nationwide. Television appearances in “The Concrete Cowboy” Phoenix Arizona. James is skilled in the art of finishing concrete with 30 years of hands on experience. “Call me today to schedule you estimate, or foundation inspection today. Thank you.”