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Foundation Repair Inspector vs. Home Inspector

Foundation Repair Inspector ? Have it inspected first and save money.

Paying for a foundation inspection can be worth every penny if you uncover extensive and expensive foundation damage that will cost you thousands of dollars to repair. By comparison, you are paying peanuts to find out if the home you will be buying is a great long-term investment. You might be thinking, “I have a home inspector, why would I want to pay for a foundation repair inspector?

Home Inspector: Great for an Overview

The ultimate reason boils down to specialization. A home inspector will give you a great general overview of the home, but they still cannot tell you about the health of the structure of the home. A foundation repair company will use the same tools that structural engineers use, and they will have better qualifications than a home inspector who looks at the property. Sometimes a home inspector will recommend that you hire a specialist for inspecting the foundation. They do this because they know they aren’t specialized.

Having Your Own Foundation Repair Expert

Concrete Repairman James - Foundation Repair Inspector vs. Home InspectorYou always hope that the seller has good intentions, but you can never be certain if they are not just trying to sell the home. Investing in a home in itself is a big investment, but a damaged foundation will require further capital. With a home inspector, you have a broad view of everything in the home, but when something questionable arises, they normally send you over to the specialist of that industry, but they will not always spot the issue. You want a third-party company working for you that does not have a reason to feel biased about the inspection.

Reasons for a Foundation Repair Inspector

When a lot of untrained people refer to the foundation, what they are actually talking about is the interior flooring. That is not the foundation, and inspecting that is not going to give you proper information. Here are some of the key reasons that people hire a foundation repair inspector over a home inspector:

  • Training to Know What to Look For
  • Greater Chances of Identifying an Expensive Problem
  • Checks Compliance with Area Building Codes

Because foundation repair inspectors have based their livelihood on foundation repair, they will understand and spot things that a general home inspector will not see. When looking at a company, you normally want them to take slab elevations as part of their analysis. Not every company is going to do that. When a foundation repair company does not do that, it is referred to as a Level A Inspection because it does not include the slab elevations.

The Final Report: What to Check

Before the final report has been given, make sure that you have a licensed and professional engineer who is checking the foundation. This guarantees that the report will be 100 percent accurate. Also, keep in mind that just because one section of the foundation has the underpinnings of piers does not mean that the rest of the areas will be unable to move. You must understand what the engineering report says and maintain a copy of it for your own records. Make sure that the foundation repair expert has been licensed to work with the state of Arizona, and you also want to check their level of experience. For example, Concrete Repairman has been doing business for over 31 years. With that level of experience, the seasoned experts will naturally spot issues much faster than a first-year or even 10-year specialist because they have been in business for a long time. The bad companies do not last that long. Even better, you are working with a third-generation family-owned business.

Why Not a Home Inspector: Specialties Require a Specialist

Similar to how we are not qualified landscapers, we can still tell you if the current landscaping will hurt the foundation of your home. However, we do not have a strong specialization in actual landscaping, and that is the same case with a home inspector. They might be able to spot an issue that needs further analysis by a qualified foundation repair professional, but what if they don’t spot an issue? Are you willing to pay $15,000 to repair the foundation? Unlike a home inspector, we can also give you an accurate estimate of what the repairs will cost so that you can determine if the buying process would be worth it. A home inspector might be a great complement to a foundation repair expert, but you do not want to risk them missing a crucial expensive repair to the home.

Thoroughness to Determine the Official Cause

A lot of problems with the foundation occur because of water or soil issues. In Arizona, expansive soil is a huge problem for many of the areas in Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler and Scottsdale. With the changes in moisture, the soil can expand or shrink, which can ultimately lead to structural damage to your home. Once we have determined the cause of the damage, we can identify the best solution to fix the problem. After performing the inspection, we will give you a written proposal that details what needs to be done and an estimate for the work. At this point, if you have not bought the home, you can either choose not to buy it, or you can choose to use it as a point of negotiation when buying the home. You can also ask that the home seller repairs the foundation before buying.

Here at Concrete Repairman, we pride ourselves on our work ethic and our knowledge with how we create effective fixes for the foundation. Because of the quality of our work, we make the repairs that will last for a lifetime. We also add waterproof sealants and other things to protect the foundation of your home. A proper foundation does more than keep the house above ground. It also keeps the moisture out and protects against the cold. When we repair a foundation, we look at the unique characteristics of the area to create an adaptable, lifetime solution.

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