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How To Fix Concrete

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Concrete repair is possible in just a few hours but it’s more likely to be done overnight. This kind of repair will be much faster if you have a professional at hand, like a concrete contractor. You’ll need to do some preparation first so that the job will run smoothly. You’ll also need to know how to repair concrete surfaces safely and quickly and the tools that will help you finish the job. Read on to find out more about the options for how to fix concrete surfaces.

Option A: QUICKSTART Concrete Repair Fixes. TIP: To make sure your job is finished fast, you can use a trowel immediately after application to fill in the damaged area. It’ll start to form a protective skin within about 20 minutes and will harden fully in about an hour and a half. Using a regular caulk gun with the correct nozzle is the best way to complete the job because it will create an airtight seal between the concrete and the cement wall. You can stop the repair by carefully scraping away any excess concrete with another trowel. When it’s completely dry, the remainder of your job will be done by using another caulk gun to finish the repair. If this isn’t enough time, you can add a layer of polyurethane sealants to your existing surface to protect it even more.

Option B: DIY Concrete Repair Fixes. TIP: In this option, you’ll need to have basic tools and training to repair your own concrete surfaces. You can purchase ready-made concrete repair kits that contain a pump to apply concrete sealants and a nozzle that creates a protective seal over the concrete. The pump is used to fill in the damaged area while the nozzle helps seal the concrete, preventing it from absorbing moisture. This option won’t take as long to complete as Option A and can save you a lot of money since you don’t have to pay someone to do the job for you. It’s also more affordable than Option A.