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When rebar rusts it grows in volume putting pressure on concrete, at first cracking it and given enough time will follow the rebar all the way around the stem wall, causing water to inter the interior slab. This is caused by chloride ion exchange in the moisture laden pores of the concrete that facilitates the oxidization of the rebar. Once started it is very difficult to stop with traditional means. Sealing the crack with epoxy will not stop the rebar from continuing to oxidize and expand cracking the concrete further.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured Foundation Contractor in Mesa Arizona Roc #300512

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James Belville

Owner of Concrete Repairman LLC, James is a 3rd. generation master concrete finisher with extensive  experience including; concrete repair, commercial and residential concrete installs, polished concrete, acrylic coatings, and epoxies including quartz and trowel down epoxy coatings, Urethane mortars, concrete polishing, and foundation inspections.

James is teaching high school and college students how to finish concrete with confidence through several distributors nationwide. Television appearances in “The Concrete Cowboy” Phoenix Arizona. James is skilled in the art of finishing concrete with 30 years of hands on experience. “Call me today to schedule you estimate, or foundation inspection today. Thank you.”