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Warehouse Traffic Hard Wheel Control Joint Repair

Warehouse Traffic Hard Wheel Control Joint Repair

Warehouse Industrial Floor & Control Joint Repair

Heavy forklift traffic in any warehouse can cause wear and tear to the concrete floor which in turn can cause unnecessary damage to the equipment itself. Having you forklifts down for service and having to replace worn tires is costly and can be avoided. Forklift tires are solid rubber and made for smooth level surfaces. Each time it travels over an uneven joint while carrying a heavy load it causes unnecessary damage to the tires and the equipment.

To prevent load transfer problems at construction joints, Concrete Repairman’s repair method is the most efficient and permanent solution.

Control Joint Problems

Concrete joints become loose mainly because they lack an effective load transfer device such as dowels, tie bars, or reinforcing steel. Other factors include excessive curling or warping, high drying shrinkage, and wide temperature swings.

Floor Joint Inspections

The size and cost of floor joint repairs can be kept to a minimum if the damage is detected and repaired at an early stage. Regular inspections should be made to check that the existing joint sealant is doing its job to protect and maintain the floor joint. Once the damage has been allowed to progress beyond the scope of re-sealing the joint, it will be necessary to reconstruct the joint. Our heavy duty repair mortar is specifically intended for use on industrial floor to repair floor joint damage quickly and with minimum disruption to the ongoing operations. Wide joints increase the risk of spalling due to the deflection of the joint sealant under load. It is therefore important to reduce the width of the joint opening at surface level. Our tried and tested floor joint repair solution allows a wide ‘traditional expansion joint’ to be replaced with a neat wide, fully sealed saw cut. Each of our floor joint repairs are ground smooth and flush with the adjacent floor surface to ensure that wheeled traffic has a smooth transition over the repaired joint.

Damaged Floor Joint Edges

Most warehouse and industrial floors will have joints with spalled edges and this should be seen as an early indication of more serious potential long term damage. The floor joint edges are vulnerable to damage and tend to ‘spall’ under the impact from hard wheeled traffic. Our floor joint sealant is rigid enough to provide support and protection to the concrete floor, but also flexible enough to accommodate any opening of the joint and still remain bonded to at least one face of the concrete slabs.

The Solution

Concrete Repairman’s 2 part epoxy joint fill is a 100% solids semi-rigid epoxy joint filler used to protect saw cut joints in concrete slabs or in repair of existing damaged joints. This epoxy absorbs the impact and shock of heavy loads and steel wheeled traffic, preventing erosion of control joint edges. Our epoxy joint filler is available in Regular Cure (RC) 24-48 hours cure @ 75ºF, Fast Cure (FC) 12-24 hours @ 75ºF, and Super Fast Cure (SFC) 10-20 hours @ 75ºF, formulations.

Concrete Repairman LLC. provides services and consultations on material selection, specification, troubleshooting, and other information on the proper repair and protection of concrete surfaces. Concrete Repairman LLC. Technical Representatives are available to assist you in any floor problems.



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