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Inspection of the Foundation – Before Buying a Home

Foundation Repair Foundation InspectionUnder Arizona state law, sellers have a legal obligation to disclose all information about property defects, but you still want to hire a professional inspector because the seller may not know about issues with the foundation. Considering a foundation repair can cost up to $12,000, you do not want to risk a major expense.

How a Foundation Inspection Benefits Real Estate Investors

If you are a real estate investor, having a foundation contractor give a detailed and written report on the foundation before you buy can help you to avoid a bad situation. You may also want an inspection report because you will need full documentation throughout the mortgage process. Lenders could require that damage to the foundation be repaired before they approve a loan.

Difference between Foundation Inspection and Home Inspection

The greatest difference between a foundation inspection and a home inspection is that our experts will have higher specialization. We can conduct a more comprehensive inspection of the foundation. That ensures that you do not waste your money on a home with a poor foundation. Here at, we look at the following factors when conducting a foundation inspection:

  • Does the Foundation Comply with Building Code?

  • Does the Foundation Need Modifications or Foundation Repair?

  • Will the Foundation Perform Its Intended Purpose?

A foundation report includes information about the interior of the foundation. The inspector will examine the elevation levels and make sure that they remain consistent. In addition, they can isolate internal cracks to decide on the threat level. The internal examination will also test how the vents, windows and doors fit in the home. Our experts will assess the integrity of your concrete flooring and walls. Finally, we look for weak areas that will foster mold and water damage.

We also conduct an external examination where we look at the water drainage, irrigation and landscaping. If we see cracks or fissures on the walls, this shows us that the home has need of foundation repair. In addition, we look for buckling walls, degraded building materials and crumbling walls.

What Can You Do with an Inspection Report?

As a real estate investor, you should understand your rights. If you pay for an inspection that uncovers damage to the foundation, you could be entitled to reimbursement for the foundation inspection cost. While a home seller does have a legal obligation to disclose information about damage to the foundation, they do not have to fix it.

If you have a seller who refuses to cover the cost of foundation repair, it gives you the upper hand in negotiation. As a result, you can push for a lower asking price. Ignoring the issue will not make it go away. Lenders and insurance carriers often require repairs to the foundation. Your real estate agent can help you understand the responsibilities. After the experts at ConcreteRepairman give an inspection, we make recommendations on repairs and offer assistance.

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