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A foundation inspection report can be hard to understand and leave you with more questions than answers. It is for that reason that when we perform our inspections we record them on video so you can review in greater detail and better understand what areas of your home are affected.

This foundation inspection in Chandler Arizona shows you the areas of the home that are damaged on both the interior and exterior of the property. Some areas are less obvious than the next and can be easily overlooked which is why it a good idea to have a expert inspect your home before any repairs begin. If the damage is not completely repaired it the problem is likely to return and cost more.

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The front porch again near the entryway this fracture in the garage area is caused by this column moving down caused by excessive moisture

There’s a fracture right there you can see that it is opening since that it has been repainted

Also another fracture here you can see this also transfers right over to the next wall right there

The exterior door your separation in this corner it’s shearing when two corners meet this wall is more stable and this other wall on the north side and that is a shear fracture slight separation there in the corner is indicating that this wall is going down slightly and pulling away

I do suspect that there is the slab fracture on this interior slab right here in the center it continues and goes into this next room but it has not been verified and this fracture should be over here related to the exterior vertical fracture in the stem wall

Well here in this corner this location there is some more shearing that’s going on here in this corner it looks like it’s been painted over

This corner also has shearing and on the inside of the bathroom we have that fracture as well

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