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Uneven Floors? Grinding, Floor Leveling

Uneven Floors? Grinding, Floor Leveling, Crack Stitching

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If you have an uneven concrete floor, or flooring that has started to wear thin, you may want to try some quick steps to level your floor before you call a reputable contractor for complete floor resurfacing. Many people believe that using floor sandpaper alone will level any floor, but it will not level a concrete floor properly. Using sandpaper on an uneven surface is like putting sand paper on top of a wet sponge. It will just make the floor more wet and stickier. A better approach is to use a high quality floor leveling compound that will level your floor in just several minutes, eliminating all of the sticking, cracking, grinding, and unevenness that have taken place over time from improper floor care. Call 602-418-2970

Floor Leveling In general, floor leveling requires two different approaches – the first involves pounding the concrete with a heavy drum sander. This method is not recommended for floors with exposed aggregate because the drum sander can chip and damage the aggregate. To avoid this damage, the best approach for pounding a concrete floor is to use a hydraulic floor leveling machine. Hydraulic machines are equipped with diamond grinding disks and diamond plate cylinders that generate ultra high pressure to level driveways, parking lots, stairs, driveways, garages, and exterior concrete surfaces. These machines can also grind wood floor beams and banisters. The second approach for leveling concrete involves using chemical grouts and concrete surfactants.

Most concrete grinding jobs are finished off with honing or polishing wheels that buff and shine the floor. However, there are times that this finishing process is not enough to give your floor the ultimate sheen and gloss that you desire. In these situations, there are concrete polishing machines that you can rent to complete the floor finishing tasks that you cannot complete with grinding.

Floor Leveling Compounds for Various Floor Surfaces in Arizona

There are many reasons to use floor levelers in Arizona. Floor leveling compounds can be used to level floors, patios, driveways, swimming pools, garages, workshops and more. When a ground surface has lots of small imperfections it can greatly affect the wear and look of the finished floor surface. Using a concrete leveling compound will help to level and remove these, giving a beautiful, even surface on which to lay your carpet, linoleum, tiles or any other wearing surface.

Many people, when they want to make over an existing floor, do not know how to remove part of the old carpet, so they just “go old school” and buy some new tile, carpet or stone. While this is an option, another option is to simply make use of some self-leveling floor materials. These materials can be found in a wide variety of colors and styles and if you do not have a lot of old carpet to work with, they will still help to level the floor and make it look brand new again.

Some people believe that using floor leveling compounds is an unnecessarily harsh approach to a floor surface. I have found that this is not the case, however, as certain floor leveling compounds are excellent at repairing damage and uneven wear on tile and vinyl floors. Other options such as carpet replacement or sheet flooring can sometimes leave areas of the floor higher or lower than other areas, and some are not particularly aesthetically pleasing either. Using self-leveling flooring compounds in these situations can be a much better solution for both aesthetics and practicality.

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