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Stem Wall Repair – Things to Consider When Replacing Anchor Bolts

Most companies that offer stem wall repair do not waterproof their work. In this case, a stem wall repair company should use Sika Solvent-base or a similar rust inhibitor patch material. The Sika Solvent-base deters the oxidation process but does not fix the rust problem. After this repair, the stem wall must cure for seven to twenty-one days before acrylic waterproofing or paint can be applied. While most stem wall repair companies do not waterproof their work, some do, and they will recommend digging up the dirt right next to the foundation to ensure a water-tight repair.

Foundation Contractors

You can call on a local foundation contractor to repair your home if it has horizontal cracks, post tension cracks, oxidized rebar, or floor cracks. James Belville, owner of a local foundation repair company in Phoenix, Arizona, is an expert in concrete repairs. If you’re looking for a trustworthy company in Tempe that specializes in foundation repair, give him a call today.

Besides stem wall repair, a foundation contractor in Tempe can also fix cracks and deteriorated rebar. These foundation contractors have the right equipment and expertise to solve your concrete problems. They will be able to assess the severity of your problem and offer the most suitable solution. In addition, they will provide the necessary information so that you can determine if you need a foundation repair or concrete repair.

Anchor Bolt Replacement

If the anchor bolts supporting your Tempe stem wall have broken, you may have to replace them. The repair process may seem complicated, but it is well worth the expense and time it takes. Even if the problem is minor, you should replace the damaged anchor bolts to avoid disruptions in traffic. Here are some things to consider when replacing your Anchor Bolts. Read on to learn more. During the process, you should inspect your anchor bolts and follow the instructions carefully.

The anchor bolts are a vital component of any tubular steel pole, especially those with drilled concrete pier foundations. Angle and dead-end structures are especially vulnerable to anchor bolt failures. Anchor bolts must be regularly inspected and maintained to prevent structural failures. If corrosion is the main cause of a weakened anchor bolt, it is important to replace it. You can remove corrosion by soaking the damaged bolts in water, but if the corrosion goes unchecked, it may require replacement.

J-Bolt Replacement

If your home has cracks in the foundation or oxidized rebar, consider hiring a foundation repair contractor. These experts are highly trained in fixing concrete.

NEW replacement for J-Bots in foundation walls.

James Belville is a concrete repair expert in Phoenix, Arizona. He can help you with your home foundation problems, including post tension cracks, floor cracks, and oxidized rebar. James has been repairing concrete since 1996 and knows what it takes to make your home safe and sound.

The first step of stem wall crack repair is preparing the area. Clean the crack thoroughly to remove dirt and debris. Make sure there is no backfill or water in the crack, as it could cause the epoxy to run out of the crack. Also, make sure the area is completely dry before injecting the epoxy. Then, call a company to perform stem wall crack repair. To ensure the success of the process, schedule an appointment with a professional foundation repair service today.

Tension Ties Replace

Whether you need a new shear wall or a simple repair to an existing structure, Tension Ties has your solution. Their innovative products and decades of experience in the component industry enable them to provide structural building solutions for a variety of applications. A complete line of Tension Ties products includes a wide range of connectors, post bases, and caps. This ensures your building is safe and secure.

As an anchor bolt, Tension Ties SSTB has been engineered for maximum performance. This bolt has been thoroughly tested for performance in common applications. The SSTB anchor bolt is code-listed under 2012 IRC and IBC. The bolts are available for two-pour and monolithic concrete construction. The SSTB comes without nuts and washers, so you’ll need to purchase those separately.

Hurricane Strap Repair

As hurricane season approaches, you need to prepare for potential storm damage by determining whether your home’s stem wall meets the required hurricane strap code. This code outlines physical connections and requirements for hurricane-resistant wall construction. States and localities have different requirements for these straps. This article focuses on those in the Southern United States. While hurricane straps can come in various materials, metal ones are the most common.

In order to meet code requirements, your home must be built with straps that are at least 18 inches long and six feet above the ground. Hurricane straps also must be installed on the sides of the home, which can cause structural damage and void your home insurance policy. Regardless of whether your house has straps, you should hire a licensed contractor to install them. Failure to do so may void your home insurance policy.