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GFRP bar, fiber Improves Maintenance Problems for homeowners in Gilbert Arizona.100% protection against corrosion, chloride resistant, 2x tensile strength vs steel, 1/4 the weight of steel, electrical and thermal insulator, and excellent bond strength. Stem wall repair Gilbert Arizona, foundation experts Concrete Repairman LLC near Gilbert Arizona. Call for a foundation inspection today. 602-418-2970

Fiberglass Rebar, Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Bar
Fiberglass Rebar, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bar will never corrode.

Because of the Gilbert Arizona corrosion issue and the inability of steel to fight corrosive agents, civil engineers now have shown faith in GFRP as a step to eliminate corrosion-related issues that stem wall foundations have in AZ. The non-corrosive nature of carbon fiberglass bars help Concrete Repairman LLC to restore the integrity of deteriorated concrete foundations, stem walls, and post tension slab on grade foundation types. Call Concrete Repairman LLC 602-418-2970 for your stem wall repair inspection today.

  • Ease of installation: The fiberglass bars are one-fourth the weight of steel bars, making it easier for foundation repair experts, Concrete Repairman LLC to complete a project within time restraints.
  • Environmental durability: Fiberglass bars, as mentioned earlier, are corrosion-resistant which enables Concrete Repairman LLC to build durable concrete structures in the chloride-rich environment. Marine structures, therefore, should be built with GFRP reinforcement bars.
  • Electrically and thermally non-conductive: Since fiberglass bars do not contain any metal, they are thermally and electrically con-conductive. This property makes fiberglass reinforcement an ideal material for sensitive buildings like research facilities, health facilities, power plants, industrial, commercial and residential concrete repair. in Arizona.
  • Lower life-cycle cost: Initial cost of reinforcing concrete with GFRP could be relatively higher. However, the ability to sustain harsh environment makes fiberglass bars a cost-effective building material.

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