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Foundation Settlement Warning Signs Causes and Solutions in Arizona

Foundation Settlement

Foundation settlement failure occurs when the soil can no longer hold the vertical downward pressures being applied by gravity. Water and lack of compaction contribute to this type of settlement to all structures built. Engineering a foundation to hold the loads of these vertical pressures include the subgrade compaction requirements. Soil moisture content, when compacting substrates, play a vital role of the overall stability of all structures commercial or residential. When soil testing shows expansive soils are present, before homes are built, the requirements and type of foundation may change to post tension monolithic foundation slabs. It is believed that expansive soils may be the cause of vertical heave movement and foundation settlement. Ceiling cracks, drywall cracks, foundation heaving, stair stepping of block and brick, vertical cracks in foundation walls, doors that do not close, are  detrimental effects of settlement. The architects foundation footing detail drawings will state that the bottom footing be placed down to undisturbed soil here in Arizona.

The Expansive Soil Excuse and Misdiagnosis

Quote from James Belville, 35 years in the industry, owner of Concrete Repairman LLC. Phoenix Arizona.

“Water saturation around any home here in Arizona is always been a problem for our homes. Most people think, including builders, architects, and engineers, “It hardly ever rains in Arizona, hardly anyone has rain gutters”. The problem with this is that very little consideration is not given to how shallow our footing really are. Soil moisture content sinks the foundation, causing heaving cracks in the interior floor, cracking tile, and drywall cracks in ceilings and walls.  The interior “floating floors” which have outward pressures, follow the perimeter foundation down. This causes the interior floor to heave up. This is misdiagnosed by most engineers, and other contractors that blame this on “Expansive Soil.” Because these professionals don’t know exactly what is going on, so the blame is on expansive soil. Expansive soil is real, and is well documented with expansive soil maps. This is knot the reason why the majority of floors are heaving up. Causes and solutions are: Keep your perimeter foundation areas around your home dry from moisture. This includes, rain gutters, and dirt grading combinations combined.

Warning Signs

Ceiling dry way cracking, drywall cracks, doors not to close, vertical cracks in exterior foundation walls, stair stepping of brick or block walls.

Foundation Settlement Repair and Settlement Solution

Foundation settlement repair and solution simply put: Remove the amount of moisture away from the perimeter foundation wall around the entire structure, by installing quality seamless rain gutters with 4′ downspout extensions. Landscape and dirt grade to allow for moisture to be repelled away from foundation wall. Then check for any water leaks on house side, and then check for leaks on the irrigation side. You home of structure will stop moving, settling or heaving.

Concrete Grinding & Leveling - Concrete Floor Repair Arizona

Floor Grinding & Leveling - Concrete Floor Repair Arizona

Concrete Grinding & Leveling - Concrete Floor Repair Arizona

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