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Facts About Concrete

Decorative Stamped Acrylic Overlay vs Spray Texture Overlayment.

In the south west states, here most of our months throughout the year are very comfortable; it’s why we love it so much. We do also have extreme temperatures and we still go outside and enjoy those times too. It’s very common to see spray on textures around the pools, they reflect to where the surface feels a lot cooler on our feet and our kids feet.

If you apply that same product on the other concrete surface then you’re reducing the temperatures around the house as well. If the concrete around the house is discolored, damaged somehow or maybe ascetically unattractive this can be repaired by using Overlay as a repair instead of a costly removal. There are a vast amount of choices; you could go with decorative stamp or the spray on texture something like that. Spray on texture is very quick and painless. The material is up there a little but it is worth it. The decorative stamp in Overlay is also up there in price but well worth it. Considering the options to remove everything and start fresh or keep concrete in tack and repair it for half the cost.  The great thing about the spray on texture is, if it gets damaged somehow, you can go over the spot with more spay at a later date and it blends together really well. The Acrylic Decorative Overlay is harder to match as every project is different. The product is phenomenal and it’s usually beautiful because of its colors and patterns.

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It would have to come down to budget VS beauty.

The spray texture is a very attractive product as it can be tinted to many shades of earthy tones dark gray to white, but you won’t find canary yellow with this type of application.  As for the spray on type this is a way to go if you want a repair that’s less evasive to the property and most projects less than 2000 square feet can be completed in one day some cases two.

The decorative side, it could take a week for the same sqft, and three or four times the amount in the pocket book, again it’s a much more beautiful of a product. There is a lot of preparation before the product can be placed. Prep for a day or two, glue, slurry, the wet material and a thin layer poured on, spread out, troweled then stamped, cure for two days and then finally application of the acrylic sealer. This product on its own will last for 20 years. The acrylic top coat is three to five years to recoat. Very low maintenance in this application sweep, rinse with your hose and a good nozzle and you’re in business. The strength, flexibility and the versatility make this a superior product. The contractor that performs this has to be a seasoned journeyman, with his experience it would no doubt be a masterpiece. With variety going for the stamped overlay, it’s very easy to find colors and patterns that will match what you want and envision for your project.

On the other hand the spray texture can be done twice adding an accent color. Imagination plays a critical part in designing what you’re going to look at for the next fifty years. Of course you can change it whenever you like but that’s not very cost efficient. Plan it out and take some time to decide and use your imagination.

I had this job where the home owner had stars and moons all throughout her home and outside in crafty places and we were talking about designing her spray on texture, I had mentioned to her that I could make a stencil for her and we would put a star and a moon on each corner of her pool deck. Just that little bit of detail made it personal to her. There was no way a decorative stamped overlay could top that, not in a million years. So even that spay texture is less expensive it’s also easier to do little things like that and it truly shows in the home owners eyes , they have something they’re proud of and its transformed her own backyard into a  paradise. There is nothing better than to see a happy homeowner.

So it’s really what you’re able to achieve with the budget. Repair work is less expensive and it’s not as hard on your property as a remove and replace, unless you have extensive damaged or a leak from a water pipe most slabs can be repaired with a quality concrete repair company.