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Foundation Stem Walls, Footings and Floor Crack Stitching

Concrete Repairman LLC. is a fully licensed foundation repair expert contractor in Phoenix Arizona. We offer quality repairs to foundations, footings, stem walls, foundation cracks, floor stitching, grinding and floor leveling solutions to residential and commercial customers in Arizona.

With years of experienced our qualified and skilled craftsmen know how to fix and repair foundations using the highest quality products available. This combination of skill and knowledge produces results and a repair that is unsurpassed by any other company that offers expensive alternatives or solutions to restore and repair the problem you may have with your home’s foundation.

We service the entire greater valley here in Arizona. Sadly, we repair a lot of other local company’s \ contractor’s previous work.

Repairing something is easy if you understand the cause and can find the right solution to solve that problem. 

If your home’s foundation begins to fail or is in some way compromised, this deteriorating condition will begin to affect the home’s stability, safety and  market value. If you suspect that your home may have foundation problems you may want to have a professional foundation inspection.

Concrete Foundation Repair & Inspection ArizonaIf you don’t repair or address these symptoms the damage will continue to grow and will get worse and may even threaten the structural safety of your home. Concrete Repairman can and will diagnose your home’s specific problems quickly and explain the nature of the problem and the proper solution to fix the issue with your properties foundation.

James Belville will explain the problems your foundation is undergoing and explain, in detail, what the major cause is and how to prevent the continued progress of these changes \ failures of your properties foundation.

With over 30 years of experience finishing concrete, diagnosing and repairing foundation problems, James will, in la mans terms, explain the source of the problem and the proper solution to the problem your home’s foundation has.

  • Things you want look for are chipping paint, cracks, paint bubbles, spalled concrete or any other signs that things aren’t quite right. If the paint just falls off as you touch it this means there is excessive moisture in the concrete. Other things to look for are horizontal cracks , fractures or separations in the concrete. Signs of vertical movement problems you will notice on the inside of your home that include any cracks in the floor or walls especially around windows and doorways. Don’t be lead astray by other contractors who will give you the excuse, “Your home was built on expansive soil” or “Your home was built on farmland” these are the two most widely used excuses given by inexperienced contractors, and structural engineers, yes, engineers, who aren’t sure how the elements affect your home. Expansive Soil is real, but only affects a very low percentage of homes. Get the facts before you spend $500, or more, on a engineers report that suggest a “scientific solution,” that has nothing to do with solving the actual problem. They suggest to put a fan in your attic to reduce the moisture that is not under your floor. Don’t believe it! It is an up sell, for only $10,000 to $20,000. It is total crap. 
  • We give you the right solution based on facts, not fiction.

Call the Concrete Repairman at 602-418-2970 for a free estimate today. Thank you.

Concrete Repair Workers Needed – Stem Wall Repair – Foundation Repair

Start Work in 24 to 48 hrs. With 30 day Hiring Bonus $

To be considered for positions, you MUST fill out the below information, or you will not be contacted.

We do foundation repair and are looking for motivated employees.

Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Chandler, Gilbert Arizona.

Here are some images that show repair solutions for stem wall repair, apply below. Thank You.

Revealing the Stem Wall for Repair

Remove the dirt in the area(s) that need repair.

Inspecting the Foundation's Condition

Expose the stem wall so work can begin.

Exposing the Source of the Crack Problem

Chip away the damaged concrete to expose the rebar.

Patching the Stem Wall after the repair

Repair and seal the damaged area(s)

Covering the repaired area of the foundation

Patch and finsh the repaired stem wall

Waterproofing the repaired foundation

Paint the repaired area(s) and back fill the dirt.

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Commercial Concrete Floor Finishing & Repair

A newly refinished concrete floor can increase the lease value of any commercial building or space you own.

We are professional concrete floor resurfacing experts and on this project in Gilbert Arizona we were able to totally restore the floor in this commercial building.

To properly resurface a floor the entire surface needs to be prep’d. This involves removing / stripping any paint or coating that may have been applied to the floor previously. Once the entire floor is exposed it can be inspected for any signs of damage or cracks. Any cracking that is found is the stitched to prevent further separation and cracking. After the area has been inspected and repaired as need it can now be checked for any un-level spots that may need attention. Floor leveler is then applied prior to sealing the concrete floor.

Once the concrete has been sealed it can now be coated and finished. There are so many options at this stage that produce amazing results. A wide range of colors, textures and finishes can be all be applied to your floor to produce the look you desire or need.

For more information about concrete floor resurfacing, concrete slab stitching, concrete crack repair or floor grinding contact us today.

We are concrete experts Call 602-418-2970

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Making an Old Concrete Floor Look Great

We are concrete resurfacing experts and on this project in Gilbert Arizona we gave this warehouse space floor a brand new look. High traffic areas can show signs of wear and can easily be restored with the right equipment and experience.

First the surface of the concrete floor needs to be cleaned and prep’d by grinding the surface to expose the concrete. This will remove any surface stains and dirt and will expose the raw concrete and open the floor’s pores so that the floor can then be finished.

After the floor has be prep’d we then apply a primer to seal the floor to prevent stains from appearing in the future. Once the primer is cured we can then seal the floor giving it an attractive and low maintenance appearance.

Concrete Floor Resurfacing Gilbert Arizona

Preparing the concrete floor for resurfacing

Concrete Floor Grinding Gilbert Arizona

Grinding and leveling the concrete floor

Concrete Floor Leveling Gilbert Arizona

Apply the primer to the floor

Concrete Floor Sealing Gilbert Arizona

Inspecting the concrete floor before sealing

Concrete Floor Coating Gilbert Arizona

Applying the sealer to the restored floor

Concrete Floor Waterproofing Coating Gilbert Arizona

The finished floor is now shinny and looks new

Now that the floor has be fully resurfaced you can really see the difference. It is no longer a dull and dirty floor, it now has a sheen reflection and looks great. This floor will be easy to maintain and clean for years to come.

Having a showroom floor in a commercial or industrial space increases the value and revenue and is relatively affordable to have done. If you are remodeling your space or have a space for lease and would like your floor to look like new, give us a call. We can tell you just how many ways concrete floors can be resurfaced and all the options you have we it comes to restoring your concrete floors the right way.

Concrete Repairman, we are concrete resurfacing experts serving customers in Gilbert Arizona.

Slab Stitching – Saving an Interior Floor

Slab Stitching Project Gilbert Arizona | Photo 01

Taking on a restoration project has its surprises especially when it comes to having to fix and repair cracks in your concrete floors of the home. This home renovation in Gilbert Arizona is a perfect example on how the flooring the home could be saved and restored.

The flooring was cracked in a few areas and was the result of a foundation issue that needed to be taken care of. After the work had been completed we were able to repair the damage to the floors inside the home.

Slab Stitching is the process of just that, stitching your floor back together. Parallel cuts are made in to the concrete along the length of the crack. Metal re-enforcement bars are placed in the cuts and then filled.

These stitches are put in place to prevent the crack from coming back. The steel bars hold the floor together and in place.

Once all the stitches are in place we can now patch the crack in the floor and repair the damage.

Slab Stitching Project Gilbert Arizona | Photo 02

Professional Concrete Floor Repair

Slab Stitching Project Gilbert Arizona | Photo 03

Slab Stitching & Leveling

Slab Stitching Project Gilbert Arizona | Photo 04

Repaired Floor Primer Coat

Slab Stitching Project Gilbert Arizona | Photo 05

Floor Ready for Sealer Coat

After the all the cracks have been repaired and leveled a primer coat is added so that the concrete floor can be resurfaced and finished.

After the primer coat has been applied we can now seal and level the floor.

Slab Stitching Project Gilbert Arizona | Photo 06

Floor Sealer Applied

Slab Stitching Project Gilbert Arizona | Photo 07

Sealed & Leveled Floor

Slab Stitching Project Gilbert Arizona | Photo 08

Letting the Floor Sealer Set

Slab Stitching Project Gilbert Arizona | Photo 09

Level and Even Concrete Floor

Slab Stitching Project Gilbert Arizona | Photo 10

Applying the Final Coat of Sealer

Slab Stitching Project Gilbert Arizona | Photo 11

Floor Now Ready to be Finished

Now that the damage has been repair in this Gilbert Arizona home the renovations can continue and the new flooring can be installed.

We are concrete floor repair and resurfacing experts and can help you with all your concrete floor needs.

Concrete Repairman, we are concrete floor experts serving customers in Gilbert Arizona.

Slab Stitching Project Gilbert Arizona | Photo 12

What Does the Inside of a Foundation Stem Wall Look Like?

If  you have ever wondered what is inside a home’s Stem Wall this is your chance. Recently we did a foundation repair in Gilbert Arizona that was a good opportunity to show and explain the importance of maintaining your home’s foundation. Here are a few photos that show you what is actually inside a stem wall.

On this job we had to remove more than usual due to the extent of the damage we found on the properties foundation. 

In this photo you can see we had to expose the oxidized rebar the entire length of the wall and you can see how rusted the rebar inside the stem wall is. These 2 bars are / were originally 1/2 inch in diameter. The reason for these 2 steel bars inside your stem wall are to add strength to the concrete. Without them the concrete would simply crack and fall away. If your stem wall is not properly sealed water will seep in and attack these steel bars and cause them to rust. When this happens they begin to expand and push out forcing the concrete to give and start cracking. If you notice cracks in your foundation you could have the same thing going in inside your stem wall.

Foundation Repair Gilbert Arizona - Photo 01

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What to look for …..

videoWhen buying a home there are many things to consider and you want to do all you can to make sure everything is in working order and not in need of repair or additional expense. No one enjoys those types of surprises.

The one thing you want to take the time to look at is the property’s foundation, after all the entire home rest on the foundation. A good solid foundation is important for any home.

If you have decided to purchase a home, take the time and walk around the entire home and take a real close look at the foundation.

Here are somethings to be on the lookout for :

Pay close attention to the paint on the foundation’s stem wall. Is the paint in good condition? Do you notice any paint chipping or flaking? Do you notice any cracks in the paint? Do you notice any bare areas where you can see exposed concrete? Is the stem wall painted below the landscaping / dirt grade? Really take the time to inspect the paint on the home’s foundation.

As you take a close look at the paint on the property’s foundation be on the look out for blisters or bubbles in the paint. If you notice the paint is lifting and separating from the foundation you should be concerned. Inspect these areas more closely and look for signs of moisture in these areas. If it feels damp to the touch, take note and look for other areas with similar appearance.

Take the time and look for any cracks in the foundation and exterior walls. Cracks in the foundation are not normal. If you notice any cracks, take note and ask questions. If you notice any concrete falling off the foundation in any areas you should take notice.

As you continue to look around the exterior of the property look for any cracks on the walls. Pay close attention around the windows and doorways. Cracks are bad and are possible signs of bigger problems.

Also be on the look out for any low points in the landscaping, any signs of areas where water can collect and puddle.

After you have checked the exterior of the home, take a good look at the interior. Take a close look around and be on the look out for any cracks in the walls, more importantly look for any signs of repairs and patching that may have been done to fix or conceal any cracks. Look around windows, doorways and corners. If notice any cracks or signs of cracks, take note.

As you walk through the inside of the home, pay particular attention to the floors. Take a close look and see if there are any cracks in the tile, any high or low points and any other signs that appear to be just not right or level. 

If you notice anything odd as you inspect the property you should have it looked at before making an offer or buying the property. Ignoring these signs can be very costly and you want to be sure that you are making a good investment.

For more information please contact us today at – (602) 418-2970

Foundation Repair Before & After Photos – Glendale Arizona

This home’s foundation in Glendale Arizona had some water damage and was in need of repair. We dug out the dirt in the damaged areas to expose the foundation and stem wall. After that we were able to chip out the damaged concrete and treat the areas of the foundation that had be affected by the water damage. The foundation was then waterproofed and patched to prevent further damage. The foundation was then painted and the landscaping was replaced leaving no sign of the work that had been done. We are professional foundation repair contractors, call today for more information.


Foundation Repair Before Photo (1)

Exposing the Damaged Area of the Foundation

Foundation Repair Before Photo (2)

Removing the Damaged Concrete

Foundation Repair Before Photo (3)

Waterproofing the Damaged Areas of the Foundation

Foundation Repair Before Photo (4)

Treating the Oxidized Rebar


Foundation Repair After Photo (4)

Foundation Repair After Photo (2)

Foundation Repair After Photo (3)

Foundation Repair After Photo (1)

Foundation Repair After Photo (5)

Foundation Repair After Photo (6)

Foundation Repair Before and After Photos – Phoenix Arizona

This home’s foundation in Phoenix AZ had some damage and needed some repair. We started by pulling back and saving the landscape material so we could replace once the work was done. Then we dug out around the damaged area so we could begin to repair the foundation. We chipped out the affected areas / cracks and then treated the damaged areas. Once that was done we water proofed the area and restored the foundation. After the repair was complete we back filled the area and restored the landscaping.

Foundation Repair Phoenix Photo (4)

Pulling back the rock landscaping

Foundation Repair Phoenix Photo (2)

Exposing the Stem Wall

Foundation Repair Phoenix Photo (3)

Digging down to the foundation

Foundation Repair Phoenix Photo (1)

Replacing the landscaping

Foundation Repair Phoenix Photo (5)

The repaired foundation

Foundation Repair Phoenix Photo (6)

Painted and Sealed Foundation

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Paula Foley
Paula Foley

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

James and his crew made this whole experience painless. My stems had eroded over the years and James came as requested and assessed the damage. He gave us a fair price and his guys showed up on time all four days they were at my house. That is hard to find these days. The job was completed on time and done right. I would recommend this Company strongly.

Bob Dulong
Bob Dulong

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I called last Thursday and Tiffany set up an appointment for me right away. James Belville arrived on time and gave my foundation an expert inspection, explaining the foundation system to me as he went along. He had some suggestions to extend the service life of our foundation by mitigating any moisture by the stem wall. With a few extensions of gutter drains and moving some vegetation, we can do just that. He is quite the expert (years and years of experience) and very personable. At the end of his inspection, we are confident our home is in excellent shape and will serve us for our lifetime. I highly recommend James and his company is you have any questions/concerns with your home's foundation. I know I will sleep much better at night after his visit. Thank you James for the thorough inspection & discussion.

Rahul Khanna
Rahul Khanna

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

James is an expert in his field. Came out to my property at 7 in the morning per my request and did a thorough job. Pays attention to detail and very meticulous. James explained in detail what the issue was, the root cause of the issue, and how to have it addressed in the most simple, and cost-effective way. I was concerned I would be quoted ridiculous estimates by foundation experts but James came up with such a simple and most appropriate solution for our foundation settling issue. Honest with his work and very doable price estimates. Liked it.

Jennifer Freeman
Jennifer Freeman

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

James came out to a house we purchased to check out some potential foundation weakness noted in the inspection. Even after realizing there was no potential work for him there, he took the time to thoroughly go through the home checking out the structure for soundness and offering suggestions to ward off future damage in questionable areas. Wow! Didn't have to, but he did. I was actually disappointed he couldn't help us any further because I had an immediate instinct of trust and genuine concern! Thank you James for your help! Will call again if ever the need should arise....

Kelly Campbell
Kelly Campbell

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Absolutely amazing! James and his team went out of his way to help us out on short notice. I can't thank them enough. They did a fantastic job. I would recommend them to anyone.