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Foundation Problems – What to look for …..

When buying a home there are many things to consider and you want to do all you can to make sure everything is in working order and not in need of repair or additional expense. No one enjoys those types of surprises.

The one thing you want to take the time to look at is the property’s foundation, after all the entire home rest on the foundation. A good solid foundation is important for any home.

If you have decided to purchase a home, take the time and walk around the entire home and take a real close look at the foundation.

Here are somethings to be on the lookout for :

Pay close attention to the paint on the foundation’s stem wall. Is the paint in good condition? Do you notice any paint chipping or flaking? Do you notice any cracks in the paint? Do you notice any bare areas where you can see exposed concrete? Is the stem wall painted below the landscaping / dirt grade? Really take the time to inspect the paint on the home’s foundation.

As you take a close look at the paint on the property’s foundation be on the look out for blisters or bubbles in the paint. If you notice the paint is lifting and separating from the foundation you should be concerned. Inspect these areas more closely and look for signs of moisture in these areas. If it feels damp to the touch, take note and look for other areas with similar appearance.

Take the time and look for any cracks in the foundation and exterior walls. Cracks in the foundation are not normal. If you notice any cracks, take note and ask questions. If you notice any concrete falling off the foundation in any areas you should take notice.

As you continue to look around the exterior of the property look for any cracks on the walls. Pay close attention around the windows and doorways. Cracks are bad and are possible signs of bigger problems.

Also be on the look out for any low points in the landscaping, any signs of areas where water can collect and puddle.

After you have checked the exterior of the home, take a good look at the interior. Take a close look around and be on the look out for any cracks in the walls, more importantly look for any signs of repairs and patching that may have been done to fix or conceal any cracks. Look around windows, doorways and corners. If notice any cracks or signs of cracks, take note.

As you walk through the inside of the home, pay particular attention to the floors. Take a close look and see if there are any cracks in the tile, any high or low points and any other signs that appear to be just not right or level. 

If you notice anything odd as you inspect the property you should have it looked at before making an offer or buying the property. Ignoring these signs can be very costly and you want to be sure that you are making a good investment.

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