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Foundation Repair Experts

Foundation Repair

Our foundation repairs are the best in the business with years of experience, skill and knowledge to fix and repair your foundation like new. Settlement can destroy the value of structures and even render them unsafe. If you see signs of foundation problems, don’t delay in getting your home repair problem solved. We repair your foundation first time without braking the bank.

Foundation Repair Division

Stained Concrete Experts

Stained Concrete

Make your Concrete Floor look beautiful with rich color and depth. Stained Concrete Floors are virtually maintenance free and are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Let our Stained Concrete Experts show you the possibilities that are available and what can be done to make your home or place of business really shine. Call James Belville 602-418-2970 today for a free estimate.

Stained Concrete Division

Concrete Grinding Leveling Experts

Grinding / Leveling

Profiling concrete by grinding is one of the best ways to assure that the coating, overlay, or repair of the concrete will adhere to the surface. And also can remove thin-set, epoxy, and coatings of all types and thickness. All of these types of products, to be applied to concrete will have a csp scale number, meaning that the concrete surface needs to be profiled to that scale from 1 to 9.

Concrete Grinding & Leveling Division

Polished Concrete Experts

Polished Concrete

Bonded abrasive polished concreteThe multi-step operation of mechanically grinding, honing, and polishing a concrete floor surface with bonded abrasives to cut a concrete floor surface and to refine each cut to the maximum potential to achieve a specified level of finished gloss as defined by the CPAA. This yields the most durable finish and requires the least maintenance.

Concrete Polishing Division

Licensed, Bonded and Insured Concrete Contractor Roc 300512

Concrete Repairman LLC - ROC# 300512 CR-9

Concrete Repairman LLC is a licensed, bonded and insured concrete company with 30 years experience in concrete construction for the commercial and residential market in Arizona. 

Call Ron (480)216-1796

Concrete Polishing – Polishing, Control Joint Fill,  Floor Leveling, and Grinding

Foundation Repair – Crack Repair, Epoxy Crack Stitching, Horizontal and Vertical Fracture Repair.

Resurfacing – Floor grinding, High Build Epoxy and Aggregate Installs, Castorcrete.

Decorative Concrete – Epoxy Coatings, Industrial and Residential,  Acid Staining and Dye Stains.

Acid Stain Floors – Concrete Repairman LLC.

If you would like a free estimate to acid stain your floor, please call James Belville 602-418-2970

See the Photos For Yourself Now – Concrete Staining in Arizona

Polished Concrete at Glendale Fire Department Station #156

If you would like a free estimate to polish your floor, please call James Belville 602-418-2970

See the Photos For Yourself Now – Concrete Polishing in Arizona

Control Joint Repair

Warehouse Traffic Hard Wheel Control Joint Repair

To prevent load transfer problems at concrete joints, Concrete Repairman’s repair method is the fastest, most efficient and permanent solution. Concrete joints can become a problem, particularly within industrial and warehouse operational environments, when they start to become loose and lose load transfer at the floor joint, it can cause problems for forklift traffic.

Call (602)418-2970 for more information about our joint repair services.

James Belville

Concrete Leveling and Repair Expert

Control Joint Repair in Arizona

Concrete Repairman at Motto Yoga Queen Creek Arizona

Concrete Floor Restoration and Resurfacing

We Make Concrete Floors Look Great

We are concrete floor experts.

Contact us today for more information about Concrete Staining.

Stained Concrete Floors are attractive and low maintenance.

Call (602)418-2970 for more information about our concrete resurfacing services.

James Belville

Concrete Leveling Polishing and Staining Expert

Concrete Repairman in Queen Creek Arizona

Medtronic Inc Stained Patio
Concrete Patio Staining in Tempe Arizona

Concrete Repairman is proud to announce another completed project at the Medtronic’s Tempe Campus.

If you are thinking about having your patio, porch, driveway or sidewalks stained or coated feel free to visit the Tempe Campus at 2343 West Medtronic Way in Tempe Arizona to see our work for yourself and how stained concrete can bring out the best of your patio.

Find Out More About Concrete Staining

Concrete Floor Grinding Polishing Staining Coating & Preparation


If you plan to overlay or restore existing concrete, proper surface preparation is essential to achieving good results

Preparing concrete surfaces for coatings, overlays, stains or repair materials is a time-consuming task that many contractors perform begrudgingly or are tempted to overlook altogether. But if you’ve ever skipped this essential first step in the process, you undoubtedly learned the hard way how critical it is to the success of the job.

Concrete surfaces are prepared prior to resurfacing concrete to look like plain concrete again or to be upgraded to a decorative finish.

Concrete Surface Preparation Division

Foundation Inspection for Arizona Realtors


General Concrete Labors Wanted


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Foundation Repair Videos

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